Why Query It?

A better way to manage Queries

Business Process

Increased Productivity & Reduced Costs

Real time access to information at all times: Our cloud-based secure platform enables users to have access to view and respond to Queries at all times; all you need is a device with internet connectivity.

Simplify Interface and Communication: Our web-based portal is very user-friendly and simple to use. Query Originators and Responders do not need to depend on anyone to coordinate the management and flow of Queries. The system is automated to streamline communication between all stakeholders.

Elimination of manual clerical / coordination effort: We are well into the 21st century and it is time to stop using excel or word based RFI forms & logs requiring manual effort. Manual management is more expensive and far less effective, leading to errors and cost impacts.

Drive Performance & Accountability

Real-time Analytics: The system enables the user to view performance metrics and view all key project stats with the click of a button. Leaders can use this information to drive the right team behaviors and performance targets.

Recurring notifications for outstanding actions: The system will automatically send e-mail and text reminder when a new Query is submitted and will continue to send reminders for overdue Queries and Actions.

Increased Quality & Consistency

Reduce human errors: Manually managing Queries through word / excel based forms and logs can introduce several human errors and inefficiencies. The Query-it platform eliminates all such errors and increases the overall quality of your process.

Built-in Action Management system: Historically Query life-cycle ended when Query response is issued. Any action assigned by the responder would stay embedded within the Query response and the team’s did not have traceability of those actions. Query-it allows the responder to assign actions as part of the Query response and the system keeps track of outstanding actions; a true end-to-end Action Management process.

Competitive Edge

Digital transformation is the future: Today more and more companies are taking advantage of business process automation and digitization. Our secure, cloud-based digital platform will allow you to realize these benefits.

Fully customizable: Our tool is fully customizable to suit the client’s business process and use-case. We will work closely with you to configure our tool to meet your needs.

Integration with other digital processes: Working on a digital platform sets you up to potentially integrate your Query process with other business processes in the future.